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Fusion fashion has always been one of the most sought after among fashion enthusiasts, whether its clothes or jewelry. Not only is it hip, but also very flexible in its terms and definitions. The jumbling up of multiple styles into one and creating a piece that mirrors each element in the right light is what fusion jewelry is really about.  

Keeping that in mind, we have amalgamated the elements from the feisty East and fiery West to create our new line of fusion jewelry called the “East Meets West” collection. Available now at our websites bobelljewel.com.

East Meets West: Jewelry A La Mode

East Meets West is inspired by the cultural amalgamation happening in the global village to blur the boundaries of difference. Joining 2 entirely different cultures of EAST, the bold and loud, with WEST, tender and elegant, to create beautiful pieces of soulful jewelry, the collection features some of our best ever pieces.

The entire collection of East Meets West has been further furcated into 3 categories :

  • Tribal Collection

Tribal collection is majorly inspired from the chunkiness and valiant nature of tribal accessories and mixed the tint of chic flavor within it to create quirky pieces. The collection entails use of tribal accessory signatures like coins, dholki beads and tribal symbol engraving technique.

  • Color Burst

The color burst collection, as the name suggests, features multiple colors bound to thin metal strands in the form of raw gemstones ranging from mochromatic to rainbow shades. The major attraction of the collection is blend of colors within one in a graceful way. 

  • Yoga Inspired
    Yoga Inspired The new yoga-inspired collection features the spiritual symbols of Eastern culture. Keeping functionality in mind, the collection has been designed to be strong, durable and not too shiny. Each piece has its own spiritual significance in Indian culture with a tint of western jewelry format.

So take your pick. We care about your personal style and have created these categories to help pick the piece that best suits your personal style. So keep it edgy and keep it style with the latest fashion jewelry, only at Bobelljewels.com.


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